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AleppoTalisman 3

A 300 Years old House located in the Jewish quarter of old Damascus, in the same aria of Talisman Al Ameen Street,

more than 1800 m² ,  a 22 expected rooms and suites with restaurant s & SPA.

Aleppo ( Syria ) & Beirut ( Lebanon ) Two new properties under study.

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servicesFeel like home...

As you enter the hotel, you can admire the marble floors, the magical encounter of the orient and the occidental a house conceived like a miniature paradise.

The smell of the jasmine, the orange and lemon-trees invites you for a stop and for choosing your welcome-drink accompanied by a welcoming smile of our employees which give you the feeling to be at home.

Talisman Group

Talisman Group

Talisman is a chain of boutique hotels that was created to bring back the luxurious life of old Damascus, runs and owns two boutique hotels inside old Damascus, and working to open the third one in 2010, with two properties in Aleppo under study to open in 2011.
Consequently Talisman Group has started to explore business opportunities in areas of Boutique hotels and serviced


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Khan As’ad Pasha

Khan Asad Pasha is an important monument in the walled city of Damascus, within the Bzouriyyeh Souk. It was built by the governor of Syria, Asad al Azem, in 1752,being used as a storage space in the heart of a busy commercial area by a large number of shop owners.

The Khan stands today as a monument that holds within art exhibitions along the year among other activities. A place which speaks in silent prayers only echoes with the tune of Talisman.

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