Talisman Group
Talisman is a chain of boutique hotels that was created to bring back the luxurious life of old Damascus, runs and owns two boutique hotels inside old Damascus, and working to open the third one in 2010, with two properties in Aleppo under study to open in 2011.
Consequently Talisman Group has started to explore business opportunities in areas of Boutique hotels and serviced apartments, acquiring management contracts, technical assistance agreements and promotion activities.
Staffed by accomplished hoteliers, marketing, training and finance specialists with creative, innovative and entrepreneurial strengths and expertise, our team provide the experts for new and existing projects. With our high quality of service and dedication towards customer satisfaction, a reliable return on investment is the fundamental of all business
Our Mission is to be recognized as the leading Middle East Boutique Hotel Management Company offering Luxurious services and excellent value for money to our guests, a fair return for our shareholders and a fulfilling and rewarding career to all our personnel.

Talisman Al Ameen

Talisman Al Ameen  is the first star on the Talisman Chain of hotels, a luxury place with a beautiful view on the only swimming pool in old Damascus, two courtyards, Liwan, Qa’aa and outstanding 17 rooms and Suites that give you the “ never to forget Damascus ” experience. located in the Jewish Quarter of the Old Damascus city, only twenty minutes from the airport, a hundred yards from the old Roman straight way (Medhat Pacha) and the historical Bab Sharqi, famous now for its souks and street markets. This old Jewish palace, built in a quiet side street and easily accessible by car, has been restored in the most authentic tradition of an Damascene house.

Talisman Bab Al Salam

Talisman Bab Al Salam , a 300 years old Damascene house with Three courtyards, Liwan, small Qa’aa and antique equipment 12 rooms and suites and a private apartment.  
Located in the heart of Old Damascus city, beside one of the oldest gate of the seven damascene gates, Bab Al Salam ( Peace Gate ), twenty minutes from the airport, five minutes walking to the historian Bab Toma “ Saint Thomas Gate”, two minutes walking from the famous Umayyad Mosque.

Talisman 3

A 300 Years old House located in the Jewish quarter of old Damascus, in the same aria of Talisman Al Ameen Street, more than 1800 m² ,  a 22 expected rooms and suites with restaurant s & SPA.