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Talisman hotel, "It's the place to be...”

Seth Sherwood, June 24, 2007, the New York Times

I stayed here with my family in October.

I would highly recommend the hotel. The service in unbelievable, the place is beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking (you feel like you're an Arabian princess (if you're a girl)) and sometimes, at night, you feel like just laying away there.

When you get there you think "dude, where have I arrived, am I not paying a fair amount for a room?" The door is unmarked, and it's in a small narrow alley. The experience when they open the door is awesome though. You’re like WOW I did not think this happened anywhere but in movies. This is especially if you get there at night. You're like; wow, the tiny doors open up to a palace and you're like WOW!