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Why Us

TALISMAN HOTEL is one of the original old houses in Damascus which goes back more than 300 years. It was renovated while retaining the spirit of Damascene houses. A place that reflects the greatness of Arabian architecture, as it is a luxurious place that includes two main courtyards, Al-liwan, and a hall, as well as seventeen rooms, and is located in the center of old Damascus, near BAB AL-SALAM, one of the main seven doors of Damascus old city.

Welcome to Talisman

What distinguishes the hotel is not its old architecture, but its old Damascene heritage, like its beds that go back more than 200 years, and the mirrors that are chambered with shells to more than 150 years ago, in addition to some modern additions such as modern bathrooms, television, and the Internet. As soon as you enter this hotel, you will find yourself in front of the ancient Damascene heritage museum, in its luxurious external architectural formation, with all kinds of architectural art, with its corridors, lobbies, and corners, that has the originality of the ancient Syrian cultural heritage mixed with an integrated modern template.

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